Nine women shot and killed every week. We want every member of Congress—and society—to stare that number in the face. Create a number 9 for each of your members of Congress:

GET STARTED: Enter your home address in the box above and click on the Find My Legislators button to get the contact information for your federal and state legislators. You can enter any of the following:
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Print out this template, cut out the number 9 and decorate it. (You can also trace the 9 onto colored or textured paper. Get creative!)
Write the following message on your 9:

Nine American women are shot and killed each week by their abusers. Moms Demand Action.
Find your legislator's office using the tool on the left. Enter your address and use your legislator or legislators website to find the address closest to you.
Send your “9”s to your legislators with a letter asking your member of Congress to support expanded background checks. If you have a personal history of domestic gun violence that you want to share, tell them your story. Mail the 9 and the letter, or deliver them directly to your legislators' offices in your district.
Take a photo of the 9 and send it to Post it to Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #Savethe9 and #momsdemandaction.