Tell Starbucks: "We’ll Take Our Coffee with Gun Sense"

Did you know that when you walk into a Starbucks in most states, you could be standing next to someone carrying a loaded weapon? Starbucks allows people to bring guns inside their stores where state open carry laws allow it.

According to Starbucks, this policy is in place because, “We comply with local laws and statutes in the communities we serve.” But the company has put the health and safety of its customers first before. Most recently, Starbucks banned smoking within 25 feet of its storefronts—even where local laws would permit smoking. The company also bans firearms from its corporate offices and prohibits its employees from carrying guns into Starbucks stores.

Help us tell Starbucks it’s time for gun sense.

Skip Starbucks Saturdays

Open carry enthusiasts have flocked to Starbucks recently, even bringing their guns to a store in Newtown, Connecticut. Tell Starbucks you’re going to stay away this Saturday in protest of their gun policy. Here’s how you can participate:

Together, we can show Starbucks that Moms Demand Gun Sense with our Coffee!

More Ways to take action

Sign Our Petition

Sign our petition demanding that Starbucks ban guns in their stores. We will hand-deliver this petition to Starbucks headquarters to show them that we’re serious about gun sense.

Send Email to Starbucks

Tell Starbucks that you want a safe and gun-free environment for your family. If they ban smoking inside and outside their stores and prohibit guns at their corporate offices, then they need to ban firearms in their stores too. Use our fast-email tool to send your message today.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Spread the word to your community about Starbucks’ disturbing stance on guns, and ask Starbucks to change its policy. Our letter-to-the editor tool lets you submit your opinion to all your local newspapers at once.

Share on Facebook

Share this page on Facebook and encourage your friends to tell Starbucks they need to get gun sense. Help spread awareness about Starbucks' policy, and ask your friends and family to pressure Starbucks to ban guns in their stores.

Submit Your Photos

Show Starbucks that you take your coffee with gun sense! Send us a photo of yourself with a cup of coffee and a sign saying how you take your coffee (ex: cream, sugar & gun sense). We’ll add it to our album of moms demanding responsibility from Starbucks. Submit your photo to *. (Make sure the picture includes a sign mentioning gun sense.)

Tweet Gun Sense

Share your support of Gun Sense on Twitter and tell Starbucks that they should put the safety of their customers first.

Tell Starbucks that, as moms, we want to know our children are safe from guns in public establishments. We are as concerned about second-hand bullets as we are about second-hand smoke. Starbucks should stand up for the safety of our children, and set an example for other American businesses. Demand gun sense with your coffee!